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A different take on employee engagement

19-04-2012 09:00 - by Fe Robinson

I just loved this animation from Involve, loads of interesting facts and figures about why employee engagement matters with a really different presentation.



Are you getting your people's best contributions?

17-04-2012 12:13 - by Fe Robinson

Are you liberating your team's strengths?  

Click here to view a blog entry I wrote recently for my colleagues at Exclusive.


What would you do if you weren't afraid?

03-04-2012 16:13 - by Fe Robinson

On a recent NLP Practitioner Programme that I ran, I was stunned by the bravery of participants in taking on their fears and moving past them. Read on to find out what l learned from them.

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What do you value in your business?

03-04-2012 15:53 - by Fe Robinson

Do you really put your money where you mouth is? Do resources in your business get focused on what really matters? I was talking to a business leader recently who was reflecting on what was most important. Read on to find out what happened.

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Fe Foreman speaking at Tees Valley CIPD Event 18th April 2012

26-03-2012 16:39 - by Fe Robinson

CIPD Tees Valley are holding a mini-conference on 18th April 2012 at the Oakwood Centre in Eaglecliffe.  Join the event to hear Fe speak about an 18-month long project to enable a group of senior leaders to design a future state for their organisation, and the subsequent change programme that began to engage the wider organisation in the need for change.

To book a place at the event, click here.  For more information about what to expect from the event, contact Fe. 


Building Performance Foundations - NLP Diploma Course for Sports Professionals in Yorkshire

08-03-2012 16:14 - by Fe Robinson

We are delighted to be running Building Performance Foundations, a 4-day programme for fitness professionals on 1-4 November in Huddersfield, working in collaboration with Pure Body Solutions.  

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Fe Foreman to speak at NLP Research Conference

16-02-2012 12:15 - by Fe Robinson

Have you ever wondered whether the way you think about something has an effect on how it affects you?  Find out what we've exploring and how the results could be useful to you by reading more.

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