by Fe Robinson


Foaming, bubbling, a gushing brook
chatters gleefully
as it navigates the rocks
Full of irreverence
It finds the path of least resistance,
the simplest route
as it makes it’s own way forth
No rules apply, no reason
Only down, down, drop by drop
Eternally in motion,
path decided by the landscape
there is no mind, no thought,
only flow
Jolly, calming as it is,
it may seem frivolous
And yet its impact is profound
As drop by drop it shapes and moulds,
changing the landscape forever
The conversation is endless
Banks, bed, and flowing brook
Connected, synchronous
Without each other
they do not exist
A waterfall tumbles in freefall
it is in a process of becoming
Above, the sun shines
Clouds pass by
And below, the river of life flows on
Fe Robinson, 2009

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