About Fe Robinson

I began practice as a psychotherapist in 2011. My mission is to enable clients to be at peace by finding their own path in life and resolving difficulties and challenges.

Fe Robinson
Fe Robinson

Following a corporate career, I became a psychotherapist to be able to work deeply with clients, helping them to transform and grow by providing a safe, enabling therapeutic environment. Continuity, as well as change, is important. I recognise that our heritage, and the journey we have been on so far can energise change now and for the future.

I believe in playing to your strengths and drawing on your existing resources to reach your potential. My job is to help you be at your best. My philosophy involves treating each person as unique, and helping you determine what is right for you, and how your can grow the future that you want.

Therapy can be a tough process for individuals and for couples.  I am here to help you face the challenges and difficulties it brings up with compassion and courage, moving at the pace that is right for you to bring about lasting benefits.

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