Couples Counselling

It doesn't matter if you are married, living together, gay, straight, or even two people needing help with your non-romantic relationship (a parent and child for example).  I am here to provide a supportive and caring environment for you to find a way through the challenges you are facing.

You may be having difficulties together as a couple, feeling at a cross-roads or struggling with the impact of an affair or the loss of sexual feelings.  It may be that one or both of you has individual issues that are affecting your relationship, bereavement, redundancy, an empty nest once the children have moved out, depression or anxiety.

Some clients may want to work on a specific problem, others may want to transform the way they relate and live together.  Whatever your goals I am here to find ways of working with you that meet your needs.  I will ask questions to help you uncover what is happening for you both, and offer perspectives, models or ideas to try that lead to insights and practical ways forward that can improve your relating.  

Even if things don't immediately change, counselling may help you to see things in a different light and/or to make the decision that is right for you both for your future.  Just talking to someone who is not involved in your relationship can help.

For more information about couples counselling, please get in touch.