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I'm here to help you find contentment and peace of mind, whatever your life circumstances.  Whether you want help with personal growth, or support with finding your best way forward, I'm here to help.

Welcome to my website.  I've included information about the services I offer as well as some self-help suggestions  You can read my regular updates here, or follow me on twitter @fejrobinson, facebook or linkedin. You can use the get in touch page to make an enquiry or to book a session. 




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Talking to a therapist can really make a difference, whether you're living through challenging life events, or working out what you want from life.

I work with clients clients on Monday evenings, Wednesday afternoon and evenings, Fridays between 9am and 5pm and Saturdays between 9am and 5pm in Sherburn Village near Durham.  Call 0191 3270318 to book an appointment.

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Couples Counselling

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Couples Counselling is helpful for couples facing challenges big and small.  Don't wait until you get to crisis point, reach out for support as soon as difficulties emerge.

Couples Counselling can help you relate better with each other, building understanding and learning practical ways to meet each other's wants and needs.

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EMDR for trauma

EMDR supports clients in changing the way they respond now to memories that have been disturbing them. It makes use of the brain's natural healing abilities to resolve emotions, bodily feelings and thoughts that are causing distress.  It is useful for trauma, as well as for attachment issues and any upsetting memories that are causing difficulties. 

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